Today and Tomorrow of Yeti Finance

Yeti Finance
4 min readMay 5, 2022

Yeti Finance now and in the future.

Art Courtesy of druzhkovdm#9696 from our Discord

Thank you for an Incredible Launch

Before we get into the details of the now or what’s next for Yeti Finance, we just want to take a moment to thank our amazing community for the support.

It’s been quite the ride building Yeti over this past year, and while it hasn’t always been smooth sailing, our successful Mainnet launch and the continued love and support we receive from our community has made everything worth it. Now enough of this sappy talk; let’s get into the updates:

Milestones Since Launch:

  • First milestone: We went live on Avalanche Mainnet on April 16th! The launch of a truly innovative borrowing is a feat much easier said than done.
  • We reached over $850,000,000 in Total Value Locked in Yeti’s first week live!
  • Broke into the Top 40 Crypto Protocols (see DeFi Llama) ahead of some of the most recognizable protocols in crypto.
  • The YUSD Curve pool has become the largest pool on Avalanche with over $443M TVL surpassing the Aave 3CRV pool’s $437M in TVL– a monumental accomplishment that establishes YUSD as Avalanche’s dominant native stablecoin.

What Else Has Happened Since Launch:

  • Our team did AMAs with both Vector Finance, Huobi, and Boo Finance to bring more awareness to the Yeti Finance protocol and its benefits. Check out the recording of Vector x Yeti AMA w/ 0xTalent and RoboYeti here.
  • Since Mainnet, we have continued to launch major collateral integrations including: sJOE, sAVAX, qiUSDCn, qiUSDTn, qiDAI, and Aave V3 collaterals.
  • These integrations have unlocked billions of dollars in liquidity, and we have many more in the pipeline including Platypus, Anchor, GMX, and much more.

Current Happenings in Yeti and the Yeti Community:

  • Last week, we ran our first art contest bounty! The submissions have been overwhelming–we never realized how many great artists we have in our community. Submissions finished up on on 4/28/2022 and winners have been determined. Check out some of the winning art samples below!

What’s Happening on the Protocol Side

  • The YUSD Flash Mint contract smart contract audit and economic analysis by Three Sigma Labs has concluded. No errors have been found.
  • veYETI LP boosting utility has been reviewed by two auditors. We are making some final modifications and returning them back to the auditors for final review before release. ETA: Tomorrow.
  • Pandora’s Box (aUST looping strategy) via veYETI is scheduled to be audited by Three Sigma Labs this Thursday
  • Currently Debaub is doing a second audit on some of the existing system. These audits are crucial in maintaining the security of Yeti and we constantly and proactively invest in them.
  • We have signed two additional smart contract auditing retainers bringing the amount of auditors Yeti Finance has on retainer to three. These auditors on retainer will help Yeti Finance continue to ship fast and securely.

Keep an eye out in our Discord announcements channel for the latest on community events, partnership announcements, collateral integrations, and developement projects.

Thank you all again for such an incredible launch. This is only the beginning