Product Release: The New Yeti Finance Frontend

Yeti Finance
3 min readSep 16, 2022

It’s finally here! A complete website revamp, new features and functions, and the Skeleton site.

After many iterations, the Yeti Finance frontend re-design has arrived!

Introducing a sleek new user experience that makes borrowing on Yeti even better. All the existing features users know and love have been redesigned to bring further clarity, speed, and ease of use.

That’s not all! We have also introduced a whole new set of new features, functions, and analytics to allow users to make smarter decisions about their crypto portfolio.

Let’s walk through a few of the changes!

Unified Dashboard Page

We combined the old dashboard page with the old borrow page, making one unified dashboard.

With the unified dashboard, users can seamlessly adjust their trove, while getting a concurrent overview of all their positions.

We also added some new features on the Dashboard page including a: recap of recent transactions and asset value graph that tracks the growth of deposited assets and rewards over time.

Skeleton Site

The Skeleton site site is something we have been working long and hard on. In short, it’s a version of the site that can query blockchain data without users having to connect their crypto wallet.

Users can now access the protocol on both computer and their phones without having to connect their wallet!

Profile & Transaction History Page

The redesigned Profile and Transaction History page gives users a clear and detailed breakdown of all historical account events. We’ve also added a unique wallet identification profile to help users with multiple troves swap between accounts easier.

New Borrowing Experience:

We’ve also made a number of significant user experience improvements to the trove management process including a more streamlined collateral deposit flow which features a new events summary section that shows the impact of the changes you are making before you make them.

Site performance has also drastically improved allowing you to adjust your positions with speed and reliability. For those that like dark mode over light mode, we’ve also added that feature for you!

And more to come:

We are still iterating, and we would love to hear any feedback so we can continue to improve the site. Join our Discord and Telegram to stay in the loop.

Next up on the frontend development side are mobile site optimizations, more analytics, and a new landing page In the mean time, check out the new site at

And of course stay tuned for the upcoming borrow model changes, GLP Vault Integration, and additional YETI features.

We have some exciting updates to share with everyone soon!

About Yeti Finance

Yeti Finance is a next-gen borrowing protocol built on Avalanche. This innovative protocol enables users to borrow against their entire portfolio of crypto assets, while continuing to earn the rewards that their deposited assets generated.

Unlock deep liquidity, borrow at the lowest collateral ratios, and borrow against your entire portfolio to gain better protection against liquidations.

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